Lisa18 website review

Lisa18 has been going for over 7 years and attracts the use of many female’s due to it’s great member features. For singles, couples and groups, you are bound to find something you are looking for.

It’s a great example of an open community who are comfortable talking about their needs and wants.


How easy is it to sign up?

It’s as easy as typing 1, 2, 3. Seriously it is. To get your free members account now, all you have to do is press sign up button and answer the questions along the way. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Then pop your email address in and make a password, you’ll need to validate the email address so make sure it’s one you use.


So just like the above, all you have to do is pop yours in to make an account. Also, the part where is says ‘I’m a man ‘, double check that what it says is correct before confirming your details. This way it has your gender correct.

Upon completing, you’ll then see this helpful box pop up. Which saves you some time, as you can put some quick answers in to get you going.

Signing up and setting up a profile on Lisa18 is quick and easy, it’s no wonder this site is so popular. You can usually tell a lot from how many hoops a site has you jumping through to join.

The best part? You don’t have to be a paid member straight away to get used to the site. What a bonus!


 Here’s the interesting bit. So, on many sites, you make your free membership account and then decide if you want to have a premium one or not. This site however, is definitely one more aimed at the ladies, why? If you are a woman you get all the access for free but if you are unfortunately male, you have to pay. Prices may vary or change depending on where you are but it is roughly something like $30 a month. Before you think that is a bad thing, have a think a minute and remember what this means for the number of members. What it means is more women are likely to try the site, so if you are looking for a woman, you have more chance of finding one. Statistically there are normally more men than women on these sites.

As a premium member you’ll have access to a number of features including viewing a members gallery (known as their erotic gallery), accessing your messages and sending messages and others like creating a contacts list.


Now active ‘what’s new’: At the top of the page it shows a small box containing the people who are online right now. You can see, it evens gives you a quick overview of what they are doing right now. So it gives you an idea of they are active or just looking around.

Your matches: Below that, Lisa18 has called upon the info in your profile to create matches for you, for your convenience. If you don’t like the search criteria they used, you can tweak it yourself.

Online now: As well as the ‘what’s new’ box, there is also an Online now column that shows you members who are using the site. So it provides a quick way of browsing others profiles based on that first impression. We all know attraction is pretty essential here so getting that pull to someone is a brilliant way to get your blood pumping.

Likes: Your profile can get likes. You can see these by clicking on the thumbs up button and of course you can like other profiles too. This is a step forward from just viewing someone’s profile and leaving them to see you have, liking it is a whole new game of ball. It’s the ‘come hither’ move, the ‘I want to play’ subtly. Sounds like fun doesn’t it!

Visitors and matches: With an easy click you can see who has visited your profile and who your matches are but remember, only premium members will have the ability to do this. One day you might login and see someone who has visited your page and think ‘dam-n’, I need to send them a message. Other days not. It’ll be swings and roundabouts but it’s worth it.

Worth the hassle?

Yes, for sure. Not matter your gender, (although if you are female, it’s obviously worth making an account to get all the features), it is a great site and popular too. Right now, it is showing loads of people online and loads of new people joining, so there will always be members for you to talk to.

Try it out and see how far it will take you, it could be the step towards your desires you’ve been waiting for. If you want no strings attached sex, this site is definitely the site for you.

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