PlaisirExpress website review

Ready to find someone with whom to share your life? Maybe you’re just looking for a little fun, or perhaps you want to date a couple of people to narrow down your options. While there are quite a few dating sites available today, one that might catch your interest is PlaisirExpress. Notably, this website focuses strictly on Canada, and Canadian dating, so that should provide you with a little peace of mind that your potential matches will at least be in the same country as you. What else does this website offer? Is it worth your time?

What Features Does the Site Offer?

A quick glance at the layout and design of PlaisirExpress shows you that it’s very similar to some of the other websites we’ve reviewed here, including Loveaholics. In fact, it even has the same offer that allows women to message men for free (in the same font). That’s because Together Networks create both of them, and they share the same features, functionality, layout, and design.

You’ll find that PlaisirExpress is a very new dating website. That means the user base is not as robust as some of the other sites out there, although it is growing. You can expect this growth to continue as more and more Canadians discover the site.

In terms of features, you’ll discover plenty that you’ll enjoy. The direct member text chatting feature is convenient and allows you to speak directly to other members right from the website. The convenient mobile app is also a benefit, as you can use the site and all of its features right from your smartphone, without having to use a web browser.

Another interesting feature here is the wide selection of chat rooms. You’ll find rooms dedicated to specific topics, specific sexual preferences, specific dating preferences and more. This allows you to interact with the site’s member base without having to direct message anyone, which may be a little too forward for new users.

Overall, and like other sites that share the layout and design, PlaisirExpress comes across as rather basic, even vanilla. There are few advanced features available, but those that are on offer are definitely worth using. If you’re one of those people who prefers just the basics and doesn’t want any extras, this is a good choice.

Is It Difficult to Sign Up?

The signup process with PlaisirExpress is actually mercifully brief. Most of it is accomplished right from the main page. When you first visit the homepage, you’ll need to provide some basic information. This includes your gender, your age, your email address, and your zip code. You’ll also need to create a password and then verify your email address.

Once you’ve completed the first basic steps, you can fill out the rest of your personal profile, or you can choose to leave it for later. Account creation doesn’t cost you a thing, although some of the features are only available to those who pay for them.

Membership Options

While PlaisirExpress offers the ability to sign up at no cost, that free membership is only partially functional. If you’re ready to move up to a paid account and make use of all the features and functionality available on the site, you’ll need to pay for it. There are several different membership options available.

If you choose to pay by the month, a membership with PlaisirExpress will cost you $34.99 per month. That can add up quite quickly, though, so it might make more sense to opt for the three-month membership, which will cost you less than $100. You can also opt to pay for membership in a six-month block, which will save you a significant amount over the per-month price.

It’s important to note that there is no refund option available with this dating site. If you choose to cancel your membership mid-period, you’ll sacrifice any remaining time and money. So, if the site doesn’t live up to your expectations, plan your cancellation carefully to avoid losing out. You will also need to contact the site via phone or email to verify cancellation and to ask that they delete your portfolio.

Is It Worth Considering?

Ultimately, PlaisirExpress has a lot of potential for Canadians seeking love. It’s free to create an account, so why not log in and explore what’s available? Flirt, view pictures, and see how simple it can be to find love online.

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